IMAGINE:  Waking up already MADE UP!

               Swim, Sweat and Cry with no smudged or smeared make-up.


What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent Make-Up is also known as Micropigmentation, or Cosmetic tattooing.  It is a revolutionary method of applying hypo-allegenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, creating beautiful enhancements which will gradually fade over time.  The results can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish giving you the confidence of perfectly applied make up.

Maria works with each client individually and consultations are private and confidential.  This provides the client the opportunity to express any concerns and to ask questions without embarassment.  This ensures the right colour, shape and style is agreed by the client before the procedure is performed.

The procedure is safe and strict hygiene is always maintained. All needles are sterilised and disposed off after each use.  Caps, pigment pots and other materials used during the procedure are discarded to prevent cross contamination.



Does it hurt? 

As pigment is implanted into the skin, there maybe some discomfort. Topical anaesthetic is applied to minimise discomfort and promote relaxation.

How long will the colour last? 

Semi-Permanent make-up usually lasts between 2-5 years depending on various factors, such as, age, skin type, exposure to sun and how you care for your Semi-Permanent Make-up.  The colour will gradually fade over the years and to maintain the brightness and freshness, it is recommended that you return yearly for top-up.

How long will the procedure take? 

This will depend on the treatment you choose.  Allow at least two hours for a new procedure.

How many treatments will be needed? 

After the initial procedure, a touch up treatment will be required  within 3 months.

Is it safe? 

It is totally safe.  Strict hygiene are of paramount importance.  The pigments are hypo-allergenic, all needles are sterile and individually packed and disposed of after each client.



Eyebrow powdered effect                                                £295.00

Eyebrow natural hair stroke effect/ MICROBLADING          £295.00

Eyebrows re-touch                                                  from  £ 99.00


Lash Enhancement (bottom)                                            £195.00

Lash Enhancement (top)                                                  £195.00

Lash Enhancement (top & bottom)                                   £250.00

Lash Enhancement & eyeliner                                          £295.00

Lash Enhancement & part shaded eyeliner                        £395.00

Re-Touch                                                                from   £  99.00


Lip Liner                                                                           £295.00

Lip Liner with defined blend                                              £350.00

Lip Blush                                                                           £395.00

Lips redefined with contour & lip blush                              £450.00

Re-Touch                                                                from   £  99.00


Beauty mark                                                                    £ 50.00