BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR SKIN!  Nora bode oxygen treatments, following 20 years of research offer the ultimate in results for today's busy lifestyle.  THE NEEDLE IS OUT!  This is the powerful alternative to cosmetic injections.

Known as the "Celebrity Facial Treatment" this top of the range treatments involve pulsed oxygen pressure to drive specially formulated cosmetics painlessly to the deepest layers of the skin to promote long-term effective results.



BEAUTY - TOX  CURATIVE  (For mature skin with lines and wrinkles)

For wrinkle reduction, the ultimate anti-ageing concept, that safely and naturally controls facial expressions, boosts collagen production and promotes cell renewal.

Treatment recommendations: 2 treatments for the first week followed by 3 weekly treatments.  top-ups are recommended 1-3 monthly or as when required.

Individual treatment                                  (1hr. 10min)                                  £70.00

Course  of 5    ............................................................................£320.00



BEAUTY - TOX  PREVENTATIVE  (ideal for younger skin)

Similar to Beauty-Tox Curative, but different products are used to meet the requirements of younger skin.

Treatment recommendations:  a course of 3 treatments over 2 weeks.

Individual treatment                                 (1hr 10min)                                 £70.00




This treatment is safe and effective in balancing skin hormones, calming skin irritations, reduces sebum and bacteria. 

Individual treatment                                (1hr)                                           £65.00




Without the use of bleaching agents or harsh chemicals, this treatment is scientifically proven to be the most effective way of diminishing pigmentation and age spots disorders caused by sun damage.

Treatment recommendations:  Once a week for 10 weeks

Individual treatment                                 (1hr 10min)                                  £70.00 



Maxi-Lip treatment

Achieve "perfect pout" with this treatment.  Thinning lips can be treated with ingredients that is a natural peptide which will increase collagen production by upt to 351% and moisture content of the lip. The lips will look firm, smooth and well defined.

Treatment recommendations: 5 weekly treatments with top-ups as required

Individual treatment                                 (15min)                                      £25.00